SCA Groups

The <Kingdom of Lochac> is the Kingdom we reside in, which consisteth of Australia and New Zealand.

In New Zealand there are many SCA groups:


    <Barony of Ildhafn> (Auckland).

        <Canton of Cluain> (Hamilton).

        Proposed <College of St. Dionysius> (Auckland University).


    <Shire of Darton> (Wellington Region)

        The Proto-<College of St. Aemigdius> (Victoria University); currently dormant; please contact the Darton Seneschal for more information.

        <Transalpine Darton> (Wairarapa). 


    <Barony of Southron Gaard> (South Island). 

        The Proto-<Canton of Castleburn> (Dunedin). 

        The Proto-<College of Saint Kessog> (Otago University). 


The mundane arm of the SCA in New Zealand is <S.C.A.N.Z (Inc.)>.