Order of Precedence

This list is no longer being maintained - please see Canon Lore in general and Darton Order of Precedence  in particular


The Darton Roll of Arms, listed in Order of Precedence

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As compiled by the former Darton Pursuivant; with minor amendments by the current Darton Webwright:

"With the exception of the titles Lord and Lady, I have also included the preferred title of each gentle for the benefit of addressing them formally in the Court and at events. Naturally all persons, regardless of rank, should be shown respect and due deference at all times, as befits a culture of chivalry and courtesy."

Catalina Oro Sol (Condesa)
Purpure, a sun Or between 3 mullets Argent within a bordure Or
020608 Countess (Caid)
020608 Order of the Rose
100710 Silver Pegasus 090203 Golden Tear
021106 Dolphin
000108 Award of Arms
080704 Queen's Cypher (Bethan)
020608 Legion of Courtesy (Felinah)
030531 Signum Regni (Gerhart & Una)
020608 Sigilum Regis(Edric III)
021106 Signum Reginae (Felinah II)

Ulf de Wilton (Sir) (preferred name)
Registered as Ulf of Sjaelland
Quarterly Gules and Argent
981107 KSCA
960323 Gauntlet
931009 Crescent Sword
981107 Dolphin
060708 King's Cypher (Ædward II)
030512 Wreath of Valour

Stefano da Urbino (Master)
Per chevron Argent and Or, three cartwheels proper
030421 Laurel
091118 Court Barony
041023 Golden Tear
030315 Lily
960323 Harp Argent
960323 Award of Arms
990904 Silver Tear
990904 Roman Lilies

Marienna Jensdatter (Fru) (preferred name, name change in progress)
Registered as Marina Jensdatter
Gules, a salmon embowed within a bordure Or
031122 Pelican
050507 Laurel
020319 Lux Caidis (research)
020319 Crescent
041106 Court Barony
960323 Dolphin
980207 Harp Argent (costuming)
941119 Award of Arms
070706 Rowan

Alys de Wilton (Dame)
Per fess ermine and sable
(Fieldless) An attire sable
(Fieldless) An equal-armed Celtic cross Or
031122 Laurel
981107 Lux Caidis (research)
941119 Dolphin
931010 Harp Argent (textile arts)
960323 Honneur de la Chanson

Asbjørn PedersenMarsvin (Sir) (preferred name)
Registered as Asbjørn Pedersen
Per fess Vert and Azure, a bear rampant maintaining a lightning bolt and a dolphin naiant Or
060414 OP
050212 KSCA
020318 Gauntlet
041106 Court Barony
080510 Golden Lily (Brewing)
030612 Golden Tear
010204 Crescent Sword
090704 Champion of Lochac
070106 Champion of Lochac

Iarnulfr Thorolfsson (Master)
Per saltire arrondi vert and argent.
070604 Laurel
100204 Prometheus
070203 Court Baron
020323 Dolphin
010204 Harp Argent (Calligraphy)
001111 Argent Arrow
970607 Award of Arms

Sancha da Sylva (Mistress)
Counter-ermine, a dragon segreant ermine
090206 Pelican
080510 Golden Lily (Costuming & bookbinding)
050203 Golden Tear
020318 Dolphin
980207 Award of Arms

Bernard Stirling (Master)
Gules billetty, a bear rampant Argent
090503 Pelican
080203 Golden Tear
060204 Golden Sword
020327 Dolphin
010204 Award of Arms
060204 Rowan
030209 Legion of Courtesy (Una)

William de Wyke (preferred name)
Registered as William filius Willelmi de Wyke
Per pale Argent and Sable, a bend cotised counterchanged
091121 Cockatrice
070707 Golden Tear
060204 Golden Lily (Leatherworking)
020322 Award of Arms
070502 Royal Cypher (Alfar II & Gudrun II)
060708 King's Cypher (Ædward II)
020323 Legion of Courtesy (Catalina)

Kazimira Suchenko
Argent, a frauenadler Azure, face and breast proper
100205 Silver Pegasus
080510 Golden Tear
050213 Award of Arms

Aliena de Savigny
080510 Golden Lily (Blackwork & costuming)
010202 Dolphin
000729 Award of Arms

Alexander von Thurn
010204 Argent Arrow
970607 Dolphin
931010 Award of Arms

Leifr Hrolfsson
Gules, a roundel ermine within an orle of leaves Or
031123 Silver Guard [Drachenwald]
020315 Award of Arms
060204 Silver Helm
011020 Argent Shield [Meridies]

Luan an Fael (preferred name)
Registered as Selwyn of Darton
Argent, a wolf rampant to sinister azure maintaining a grenade Gules
100204 Rapier
080510 Order of Prometheus
051210 Golden Tear
030524 Award of Arms
090502 Wreath of Valour

Miles Warde
Per fess OR and Sable, three mullets counterchanged
060206 Miles Regni
030206 Award of Arms
070808 Defender of the West

Alan the Just
070707 Golden Tear
030618 Award of Arms

Francesca Martini
Quarterly per fess indented Azure and Ermine
070708 Golden Tear
020327 Award of Arms

Angele Marie de Savigny
Gyronny Sable and Or, a cross crosslet fitchy within a bordure counterchanged
030618 Award of Arms
090702 Star & Lily (was Golden Lily - costuming)
100204 Nock (Combat archery)
120609 Taillefer
130331 Lochac Company of Archers

Essyllt verch Edenevet
Formerly known as Yseult Corista verch Edenevet
091118 Golden Tear
080203 Award of Arms
090704 Royal Cypher (Theuderic & Engelin)

Ulrich von Mannheim
100204 Golden Sword
080510 Award of Arms
090704 Royal Cypher (Theuderic & Engelin)
090502 Wreath of Chivalry
080510 Wreath of Valour

Jennett of Darton
110202 Golden Lily (Costuming)
100710 Award of Arms

Kjartan Stafngrímsson
Argent, an octopus Azure
110205 Court Barony
050213 Award of Arms

Guenevere of Saint Kilda
Vert, a sheep statant guardant Argent, masked and limbed sable, within a bordure chequy Azure and Argent
880818 Award of Arms

Thorfyrd Hakonson
931009 Award of Arms

Thorvardr Hakonson (preferred name)
Registered as Michael of Southron Gaard
Per pale Argent and Purpure, a pale endorsed counterchanged
931010 Award of Arms

Morella of Glenalder
Vert, a pale counter-compony Sable and Argent, on a chief Argent 3 open ink-bottles sable
931010 Award of Arms

Lucia de la Vallette
020315 Award of Arms
021116 Award of Arms
011020 Argent Shield [Meridies]

Philip of Southwark
020327 Award of Arms

Oskar der drachen auf Klagenfurt
030524 Award of Arms

Rose de Beaumont
030618 Award of Arms

Robyn atta May
04???? Award of Arms

Thomas ‘Dons’ Bane’ of Darton
080511 Award of Arms
080511 Provost of Lochac

Ioannes Varangopoulos
091118 Award of Arms

Peter of Smithfield
091118 Award of Arms

Helen of Darton
091118 Award of Arms

Corinna Roussin
100204 Award of Arms

Diego Alonso Morena
100710 Award of Arms
110204 Silver Helm

Madeleine Asbjørnsdottir
080510 Mouse Guard

Katherine Asbjørnsdottir
Per bend sinister gules and argent, a lion Or and a serpent erect, tail nowed sable.
080510 Mouse Guard

Wellington Medieval Guild
020327 Royal Recognition of Excellence (dance)

Geoffrey of Kingston

Sigrid Grimsdottir

Darton, Shire of
Sable, a hunting horn within a laurel wreath Or
021116 Augmentation of Arms

(Gentles who are no longer resident in the Shire, and as such their details may not be correct.)

Marcus Niger
020327 Harp Argent
010204 Award of Arms

Melissa of Darchester
020327 Harp Argent
010204 Award of Arms


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