Greetings, and welcome!

Welcome to the Shire of Darton, the Wellington, New Zealand branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), a world-wide society that recreates the better parts of life in pre-17th Century Europe.

Welcome all!

There's been a recent news article about a group who promote European culture (including doing medieval reeactments) and the possibility that they were promoting white supremacy. 
Although the group condemned such behaviour, it's best to make our position on any similar behaviour clear.

Brewers Day

Want to try and make your favourite Brew? Join the Darton Brewers for a day of learning this fine skill.Further details will be posted.

Event date and time: 
Sat, 2020-06-13 10:00 - 20:00

2nd Stabbython

The second Stabbython is being planned.Come and learn Fencing techniques from some of the best.This is still in the planning stages, more information will be posted as they become available.For enquiries, please contact the Darton Marshal - or the Seneschal who will pass on your interest.

Event date and time: 
Sat, 2020-07-04 08:00 - Sun, 2020-07-05 18:00

Darton Anniversary 2020

Darton Anniversary 2020 will be happening!  Hopefully on the weekend of 25 / 26 July 2020. As to what format it will be is yet to be determined.  It will NOT be a camping event, rather a weekend for friendship and fellowship as well as tournaments to choose our champions (Heavy fighting, Rapier and Archery), along with a celebration feast.  Further details will be provieed once the lockdown has finished and certainty returns. 

Event date and time: 
Fri, 2020-07-24 16:00 - Sun, 2020-07-26 16:00

Day of Fun

The Spring Day of Fun - Working with Hot Stuff.The plan is to make Portable Banner holders / stands - to enable the display of the banners taht we stared to make in May.Location is Elmwood.  Please contact the Seneschal or any other Darton member for address details.

Event date and time: 
Sat, 2020-09-12 10:00 - 20:00

Day of Fun

Summer Day of Fun.The plan is to have "War Practice" and what ever else you would like to work on. Location is Elmwood.  Please contact the Seneschal or any other Darton member for address details.

Event date and time: 
Sat, 2020-11-14 10:00 - 20:00

Summer Feast

The Sherwater Summer Feast is being planned.Details will be updated as they become available - it is sure to be amazing.  Note your diary to join our Hamlet for this event.

Event date and time: 
Sat, 2020-12-12 15:00 - 20:00

Wairarapa Hamlet

Hear ye!  Hear ye! 

The Hamlet of Sherwater is that part of the land mundanely called the Wairarapa region. 

From time to time medieval events are held in this part of our wonderful Shire; and you may seek assistance there, concerning Medieval or Renaissance costume making, or other Medieval or Renaissance arts and crafts.