Shoot - archery

Archer holding a drawn bow.

Archery was practised in most of the times and places that the SCA recreates: for hunting, in war, or as sport.

Archery played a distinct role in many battles, and many cultures relied heavily on the skill of their archers both as a method of conquest, and to hunt for food.

In our society, we have two distinct types of archery: target and combat.

Target archery

To recreate the experience of historical archery we try to use the materials that were used historically:

  • wooden shafts for arrows and crossbow bolts
  • feather fletchings for arrows
  • longbows, self bows, recurves and crossbows, which are all made to represent their medieval equivalents.

Sorry, we don’t allow modern compound bows or bows with sights or weights on them.

We only shoot at non-living targets. This may be a target on a stand, hay bales or foam ‘animal’ targets.

At various events the form of an archery target can be varied and gives us all a chance to measure our skills against others and compete for prizes and fame. More importantly, to enhance our skills, knowledge and experience.

Combat archery

This is a form of armoured combat, in which archers dress in heavy fighter protective armour and get onto the battlefields and shoot ‘live combatants’ using a low-poundage bow and arrows with special broad blunt ends.

Practice sessions

Weekly target archery practice occurs on Sunday afternoons at Karaka Park, Wainuiomata, if the weather is good.

For more information, please check our Facebook page around 10am for confirmation of archery practice, or contact Luan an Fael.

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