Strike - heavy combat

Heavy fighting or rattan stick fighting is a unique art and sport.

SCA heavy fighting is full speed, full force, un-choreographed martial combat. SCA heavy fighters do not use steel swords to fight with. Instead they use a range of weapons made from rattan sticks which have been covered with tape.

There is no distinction between male and female fighters in our society.

All the participants in this form of combat do so with safety at the forefront. It can seem to a spectator that the fighting are brutal “deeds of arms”, most come out with the occasional bruise, where their opponent has found an area that was not “armoured” enough.

An important aspect of the safety for the fighters is the armour that they wear, including their helmet. The armour is fashioned after historical examples and are made from a variety of materials - metals (steel, aluminium), leather and plastic - with any modern equipment hidden as much as possible.

It does not matter if you wish to portray a Norman, a Saxon, a Norse or an English knight or squire, or any other variation of a ‘man-at-arms’ - in the SCA all of these co-exist on the same battlefield and/or tournament field together.

After safety, honour is the most important aspect of heavy fighting our combat system is one based upon recognition of blows received. Victory is never taken, rather it is given by the man-at-arms in recognising the worthiness and skill of their opponent. This culture is one of great justice and trust, for it places weight upon the honour and integrity of all involved.

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Practice sessions

Weekly heavy fighter training / practice sessions are held on Sunday mornings at Elmwood. For further information, contact the Darton Marshal for the address and other details at

Please also check our Facebook page for any notifications regarding fighter training sessions.